Arduino Mega2560 R3 for beginners

This is Lance J, I am one of an engineer on eBay seller. Now I just show you the details of  the starter kit for the beginners. I just offer you a Graphic presentation and demonstrate on my desk .If you have any questions or need the discount for the wholesales, you can contact me as well. My personal Email is "". I am not the CS,so My pronounce may be informally. I beg your pardon.  Please note that, no matter what the problems you have,please contact us first. A part of customers , who are beginners of arduinos, lodge complaints without any communication. It is temerarious and irrational. As is know to all, arduino is a ,we could not accomplish at one stroke.Before leaving our facility, each kit of sets are tested to ensure top working performance.But the transportation is unpredictable. 

Note: There is no need to read the whole article, you you are interested in any arduinos or it's accessories, you could search it. "Ctrl + F" .

Arduino family includes the mega2560, UNO R3, Due, Leornado, Nano V3.0, ADK,Yun, Etc. Now I just introduced you the most frequently-used motherboard, that is Mega2560, UNO R3, Due, Leonardo, Nano V3.0, ADK. This article is just for the Arduino Mega2560 R3.

The genuine of mega2560 R3 is 55.55 USD on all distributors of arduino, and the clone is just 17.99 like Sainsmart Mega2560 on ebay. What I use is arduino clone, sainsmart.
Sainsmart Mega2560 R3.
Sainsmart mega2560 R3 is designed as the same as the official type. There is no difference of the SMD between of sainsmart and official Arduino. I would not post the specifications of mega board, because you could refer to the official website

Some one may ask me that what the difference between the R3 version and the R2 version. Frankly, there is little difference between the two version. The official update the CPU Chip of ATMega8U2 to ATMega16U2, actually the ATMega8U2 is out of production. And, they added the two pins SDA and SCL pins. which make the mega2560 board support for the Inter-Integrated Circuit port(IIC port). The two of the promotions make the mega2560 R3 more powerful. You could refer to the Atmel official website to know the knowledge of the CPU
Now, I will give you some examples of one of the most popular board of Arduinos.

1, Sainsmart Mega2560 works with the IIC LCD

(Click here for the Sainsmart IIC LCD Kit with the Mega2560 R3)


Not only the IIC LCD but also the Graphic LCD is compatible for the sainsmart Mega2560 R3, please note that most of the LCD adapter is counterfeit. The core chip must be supported for the high speed of the processing and bear of high temperature. All of the sainsmart IIC LCD or the Graphic adapter is definitely genuine chip.
Is it a must to use the extend shield of the mega board. The answer is not really. Actually, you could connect the IIC LCD with the mega board using the dupont cable directly without the shield. some people need the shield for more pins. please not that the shield just extends the pins which have been existed on the mega board. You could not demand for more function pins which do not exist on the mega board. But the shield itself could upgrade those pins. The shield has another function that it could protect the pins of the mega board, isn't it? After all the shield is worthless.

We will provided you the programmed project of the IIC or Graphic LCD after your purchase. It is the example project testing the three sets to confirm that all products are OK. Some of our customers use the LCD screen to display the parameter of a running car. If the three set is alright, what you want to do depends on your program. Maybe I am a rookie and you are a master(=^ ^=) . Any question contact me. My friend.

2, Sainsmart Mega2560 works with TFT LCD display.

We have a series of TFT LCD display. like 1.8", 2.4", 3.2", 4.3", 5.0", 7.0". Most of the LCD are in the same theory except the 7 inch TFT LCD due the its high pixel. I will introduce the detail of the 7 inch LCD, go on.

Sainsmart mega2560 R3 work with 3.2" inch LCD. (Click here for the purchase )
AS the amazing sold record, you could understand that the kit is really hot without of my promotion.

0404 (1)_MG_5078_595

I just show you the details of the 3.2 inch LCD. It is the same of 2.4"~ 5.0". Maybe the extend shield is different. 
please note that if you want to light up the LCD, you should have an extend shied in the center of the three picture above.The circuit structure of the LCD push you to do that.
Now, first for the extend shield, there are two kind of TFT LCD shield. The picture below shows the upgraded version of the shield. It is more powerful but a little expensive. 5 inch TFT LCD kit below. Click here for the purchase
04 (2)updating...


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