SainSmart 3D print ramps 1.4 Mega2560,LCD 12864,nema 17 stepper Motors kit for reprap detail step.

This is SainSmart ramps 1.4  development board kit  for RepRap 3D Printer, I am one of an engineer on ebay seller trade_spotting. Now I just show you how to program the ramps 1.4 kit for your 3D printer machine. I just offer you a Graphic presentation and demonstrate  the main network programming steps on my desk . It is the same effect at your 3D machines. If you have any questions or need the discount of the fixed price of ebay .,you can contact me as well. My skype id is ” jack.jun1 ”I am not the CS,so My pronounce may be informally.I beg your pardon.  Please note that,  no matter what the problem you have,please contact us first. A part of customers , who are starter of 3D printer,lodge complaints without any communication.It is temerarious and irrational. As is know to all, 3D print is a new field, we cound not accomplish at one stroke. Before leaving our facility, each kit of sets are tested to ensure top working performance.But the transportation is unexpected.  I use the kit below

SainSmart Ramps 1.4 + Mega2560 R3 + LCD 12864 3D Print Controller Kit For RepRap


Package List of the kit.

1XSainsmart RAMPS 1.4

1XSainsmart Mega 2560 R3

5XSainsmart A4988 driver

1XSainsmart LCD 12864 with Controller

1XSainsmart SD card breakout For ramps

1XSainsmart Cooler Fan for 3D ramps

6XSainsmart Mechanical endstop with cable

1XSainsmart RAMPS 1.4 wiring cable

1XSainSmart Heat bed MK2a

5XNEMA 17 Stepper Motors Minebea Mill Robot RepRap Makerbot Prusa 3D Printer

1XUSB Cable


Statement 1: I do not use the entire component of the kit. I just use the ramps 1.4, mega2560 , A4988 driver, LCD12864 with controller, and the Nema 17 motors. The components what I use are the core parts of the kit. Please click the picture to browse the magnified picture


Now for the step


1, Install the driver.


The first thing you need to do is that install the driver. This is very important. Many customers give us feedback that their arduino software are always come out to “Error”.Most of all ,they have not installed the driver. This step is just for the starter. If you are a master of arduino , just ignore this step.


If you have not used any arduino series boards. You may not install the driver on your computer. Do not worry, here we go..


Do not be impatient to plug the ramps 1.4 board on the mega2560, it is unwise. There are two ways to install a driver.  It can be installed through setup or manually; the instruction below are for installing a driver manually:


The first way : when you plugged the USB cable in the computer and connect with you mega2560 board. The systems may prompt to install the hardware at your toolbar lower right corner of the windows. Then the systems will find the driver files automatically, then the driver will be auto installed. At this time ,please note that your systems cannot download the driver files from internet automatically, It is in high rate that it cannot find the driver files. We have provided you all of the arduino programmed files including the driver files. Now I decompress the .rar files on my”   C :\  “.And the arduino driver files path: C:\arduino-0023\drivers


The second way:


Right click on “my computer”

Choose “properties”

Choose “device manager” (In Windows 2000, you have to choose  the “hardware” tab first and then “device manager”). This will display a list of the devices that are on your computer.

Right click on the device and click “properties”.

Choose “driver” and click “update driver”

You will be asked to browse for the new driver. The arduino driver files path : arduino-0023\drivers

When the driver is installed successfully, It may reveal the icon below. I Know My computer language is in Chinese, but the icons of windows system is the same whether the system language is in English or Chinese.if you have not installed the driver successfully, then the rest of the steps are useless. You need not download the arduino software at the official website, because we have provided you the all arduino software files, when you downloaded and decompress the .rar files. The software might be installing as well.



Note: If you have tried at list 3 computers and changed 3 USB cables, but you still find that there is nothing happened on the driver manger and no tip for installing the driver of megatronics  at your toolbar lower right corner of the windows, then your main board may be broken. If so, you can contact us for solution.

2: Upload the programmed project in the mega board.

Do not be impatient to plug the ramps 1.4 board on the mega2560,it is unwise.When you upload the the project on the mega board, just Connect the Mega board on your computer



I Open the arduino-0023 soft ware and file->open,then find the project marlin.ino file and dblclick.  C:\arduino-0023\examples\12864 testfile\Marlin\Marlin.pde


Note:The picture shows below may be unacceptable(Open the arduino first and drag the marlin.pde into the arduino software window.),But you can open the arduino-0023 software and file–>example–>12864 testfile->Marlin. Please do not change any programmed code we provide to you.


In the Arduino-0023 software, I chose the Arduino Mega 2560 board and the good Serial Port COM15 (It just depends on you board.), Check the configuration.h and confirm that the” #define MOTHERBOARDP 33“.  please do not change any programmed code we provide to you.just launched the upload. Please click the picture to browse the magnified picture



3.Components assemble.

Now, the programmed code have uploaded in the mega board successfully, you can disconnect the mega board with your computer and plug the ramps 1.4 in your mega2560 board. This step we want to light the LCD12864, so I just show you how to connect the LCD .The A4988 motor driver is just for the motor. It is useless for lighting the LCD12864,so I do not plug the A4988 drivers.



Note: Please do not mount the RAMPS 1.4 wiring cable at the opposite position. We have uploaded the project on the mega board, so we just need to assemble the kit correctly. Then give the kit double 12V power supply. The LCD2004 will display normally. Please click the picture to browse the magnified picture


The end of lighting the LCD12864.

Now for the Name 17 stepper motor.

1, 1, we have uploaded the programmed code to our mega board. It is time to assemble all the sets. It is so easy to assemble all the components together. At this step, we need to connect the motors with ramps 1.4 board. the following picture shows how to connect the cable correctly.



2,2,Please note that do not mount the A4988 motor driver on the opposite direction.Otherwise,not only your A4988 drivers will be burn up,but also your mega2560 board will be in ruins.  


This time I just mount one A4988 driver,you can plug all of five A4988 dirvesr.Each A4988 driver just serves for one motor.



Note: Please double check that the kit. untight? No power? pin broken? Wrong mounting?  When you give the kit 12V power supply,the motor will revolves around.

If you do think the Email cannot solve your problem. We also provide you chat online. My Skype id “lenkernel”. Please feel free to contact me. I am lance.

Best regard.

Thank you.


The following pictures are taken by our customer. The sainsmart 3D print Dev board kit work perfect.


20131107_205816 20131107_210844

additional Information

Hello, guys

We have something electronics block, maybe the words “electronics block” is not the best to describe it. Look at the picture below, it is an electronics kit for your kids ages 8-12.

Now we want to promote our products for the market, but we need someone to help us .Including write an article to describe our new products, a video to describe the usage of the electronics kit and more than 10 pictures to catch the details. If you are willing to help us,we ‘d like to send you the products including the tutorials. What we send to you are free charge and free shipping. If you have a kid age 8-12,It is a good gift for your child. It is a magic toy which can help develop her intellect.It will not take you much of time.

language: English or German

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  1. kang_jouh · · Reply

    please help me ! I cnat play aduino mega 2560 board for lcd 12864 display
    Currently it does not show anything
    I want receive firmware for lcd 12864 display

    I was buying from eBay
    My ebay id is the kang_jouh

    1. Please receive my email.

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